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Why ThreatCop?
Replicates 6 most prevalent cyber attacks

Simulates most prevalent and prevailing cyber attacks including Phishing, Ransomware, SMiShing, Vishing, Cyber Scam and Risk of Removable Media.

Customized Campaigns

Customize the entire attack campaign based on the cyber health risk of your organization.

Extract Employees’ Hack History

‘Hack Record’ feature helps in identifying all third-party platforms where employees’ official email id has been compromised.

Detect Most Vulnerable Employees

Identify the most vulnerable employees based on the Employee Vulnerability Score (EVS).

Vast Informative Content Library

Train employees with 2000+ security awareness content including videos, newsletters, case studies, etc.

Prevent Financial Losses

Zero out financial losses otherwise incurred due to successful cyber attacks

What Our Clients Have To Say?
We have been using ThreatCop for a year now and it has helped us a lot in enhancing the cybersecurity culture of our organization. The technical team has been very accountable and supportive in responding to our concerns regarding the product. All the informative resources like knowledge imparting modules including video lectures, case studies as well as periodic simulated attack campaigns have been beneficial in training our employees for better!
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